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Polish Club awards 100kW solar contract to Unified Energy

Sydney’s Polish Club, located at 11 East Terrace in Bankstown, have announced it has awarded their solar contract to build a 100 kilowatt (“kW”) solar PV system to Unified Energy.

Unified Energy is a known leader in the commercial solar industry that has provided small and large scale systems to clients including IKEA, Coles, and SWINBURNE University. Unified Energy were approached by the Polish Club to provide a renewable energy solution, with the objective of tackling their rising energy costs, and to align to the club’s initiative of becoming powered by 100% renewable energy.

As demonstrated through a business case prepared by Unified Energy’s National Sales Manager, Tremaine Fernandez, the 100kW Solar PV system will generate an estimated 131.8MWh per year, with annual savings of $64,957 and offsetting their carbon footprint of 29.91 tonnes of Co2 annually.


100kW Solar Contract awarded to Unified Energy
The new system is consisting of 242 Industry-leading SunPower P3 410W High-Performance Panels and 3 SMA Sunny Tripower 3 Phase Inverters.


“With continually rising energy prices, low rate business loans, Government rebates, the instant tax write-off, and a local Ausgrid Power2U grant, you don’t think twice at an offer like this, you say yes. The repayments alone with the Commonwealth Bank are lower by almost half our current energy costs.” said the club’s project consultant, Michael Lubieniecki.

Cost Outlay

The project investment would cost the club approximately $114,000. Taking into account the Government’s STCs (small-scale energy certificates) and AusGrid’s local Power2U Grant of $25,000, this has benefited the club positively with an end investment of $65,987. A saving of $47,983.

The Return on Investment has been calculated at approximately 3-4 years. The Polish Club utilises on average 105kW per day or 36,480.80kW annually, and they intend to export all non-required energy back to their retailer for credit, and as a cash refund to offset their financing option.

Project Build

The Solar PV System is scheduled to commence installation in early December and will consist of 242 Industry leading SunPower P3 410W High Performance Panels and 3 SMA Sunny Tripower 3 Phase Inverters. The SunPower panels feature a 25 Year warranty and are rated to output a minimum of 85.5% after 25 years with minimal degradation.